Filmography Sharon Stone

2006 If I Had Known I Was a Genius of Dominique Wirtschafter

2006 When a Man Falls in the Forest of Ryan Eslinger

2006 Bobby of Emilio Estevez

2006 Huff of Robert Lowry 

2005 Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction of Michael Caton-Jones

2005 Alpha Dog of Nick Cassavetes

2005 Broken Flowers of Jim Jarmusch

2004 Jiminy Glick in La La Wood of Vadim Jean

2004 Catwoman of Pitof

2004 Different Loyalty of Marek Kanievska

2003 Cold Creek Manor of Mike Figgis

2000 Picking up the pieces of Alfonso Arau

2000 Beautiful Joe of Stephen Metcalfe

1999 The Muse of Albert Brooks

1999 Simpatico of Matthew Warchus

1998 Antz of Eric Darnell

1998 Gloria of Sidney Lumet

1998 The Mighty of Peter Chelsom

1998 Sphere of Barry Levinson

1996 Last Dance of Bruce Beresford

1995 Casino of Martin Scorsese

1995 The Quick and the Dead

1995 Catwalk of Richard Leacock

1996 Diabolique of Jeremiah Chechik

1995 The Specialist

1993 Last Action Hero

1993 Intersection of Mark Rydell

1993 Sliver of Phillip Noyce

1992 Where Sleeping Dogs Lie

1992 Basic Instinct of Paul Verhoeven

1991 Scissors

1991 Diary of a Hit Man

1991 Year of the gun of John Frankenheimer

1990 Total Recall of Paul Verhoeven

1989 Beyond the stars of David Saperstein

1989 Sangre y arena

1988 Action Jackson

1988 Above the Law

1987 Cold Steel

1987 Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold

1987 Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol

1986 King Solomon's Mines

1984 Irreconcilable differences of Charles Shyer

1981 Les Uns et les autres

1982 Deadly Blessing

1980 Stardust Memories