Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe

Name: Norma Jeane Mortensen (later Baker)

Date of birth: June 1, 1926

Place of birth: Los Angeles General Hospital, California.

She died on August 5, 1962

Height: 161 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Her mother: Gladys Pearl Monroe

Her father: She never knew the name of her father.

Marilyn mother suffered from schizophrenia. Marilyn spent most of her childhood living with her "aunt" Grace McKee, who was actually a friend of her mother, and who later obtained her custody.

1042 Marilyn got married with her neighbor Jim "Tom" Dougherty. When he enrolled in the navy, Marilyn began to work at the R. Plane Co.

1945 Marilyn was discovered by the photograph Andre de Dienes, and appeared in the cover of a magazine, then she started working as a model.

1946 She signed her first contract with a salary of $125 a week. That same year she divorced Jim Dougherty.

1947 Premiere of her first film: The shocking Miss Pilgrim

1952 She met the baseball player Joe DiMaggio.

1953 She acted in her first lead role in the film Niagara

1954 Marilyn Monroe received her first Golden Globe. That same year she got married with Joe DiMaggio. They divorced one year later.

1955 Marilyn met writer Arthur Miller and they felt in love. Miller abandoned
his wife in 1956 and got married short after.

1961 She divorced Arthur Miller and had a serious depression, she had to check into a clinic after an overdose of alcohol and drugs.

1962 She received her third Golden Glove passes for a long depression.  It
should be confined by abuse of alcohol and of medicines.

1962 Third Gloden Globe (favorite actress)

1962 There were rumors of a sentimental relation between Marilyn and Robert Kennedy and probably also with the US president John F. Kennedy.

1962, August. Marilyn was found dead in her apartment. The investigative reports concluded it was a suicide.

1992 The annual profits of Marilyn's movies and the copyright of her image are donated to Anna Freud's Children clinic in London.