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Joey Lauren Adams

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Inspired by the writer-directors she worked with throughout her career as an actress, Joey Lauren Adams wrote her first screenplay, COME EARLY MORNING, based upon the stories that influenced her while growing up in North Little Rock, Arkansas. After several years in pursuit of financing, this project would ultimately serve as her directorial debut in the spring of 2005. Aside from writing and directing, she has appeared in films as varied as DAZED AND CONFUSED, A COOL, DRY PLACE, HARVARD MAN, BIG DADDY, and, the recent THE BREAK-UP with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. In 1997, Adams earned a Best Actress Golden Globe nomination for her work in the film CHASING AMY.

Filmography Cinema - TV


2006 Come Early Morning

2006 The Break-Up

2006 Love, Fear and Rabbits

2004 Clerks: The Lost Scene

2004 The Gunman

2003 The Big Empty

2002 Beeper

2002 Grand Champion

2001 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

2001 In the Shadows

2001 Reaching Norma



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