Olivier Assayas Director French Writer

Olivier Assayas
, French Writer
Born January 25, 1955 in : Paris, France
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Olivier Assayas studied at the ENSBA school of fine arts in Paris, pursuing his passion for literature, painting and film. During the 1980s, he wrote for the Cahiers du Cinéma and co-authored scripts with André Téchiné for Scene of the Crime (Le lieu du crime) and Rendez-vous before making his first film in 1986, Disorder (Désordre).

Since then, he has made more than fifteen films, including Cold Water (L’eau froide), Irma Vep, Sentimental Destinies (Les destinées sentimentales), Demonlover, Clean and Boarding Gate, which were presented at the Festival de Cannes. In 2010, he presented Carlos Out of Competition in Cannes.

2011 Olivier Assayas and Jude Law have been announced as members of the Cannes Film Festival's jury this year and will sit on a panel presided over by Robert De Niro.
September: Olivier Assayas the President of the Jury of the 37th edition of the Deauville American Film Festival.


2012 Après Mai  de Olivier Assayas
2010 Les temps de venir - Olivier Assayas
2010 Carlos - Saison 1
2009 Carlos
2008 L'Heure d'été - Olivier Assayas
2007 Chacun son cinéma - Bille August, Jane Campion, Chen Kaige
2007 Eldorado - Olivier Assayas
2007 Eldorado : Sonntags Abschied - Olivier Assayas
2007 Eldorado : Création - Olivier Assayas
2007 Boarding Gate - Olivier Assayas
2006 Paris je t'aime - Olivier Assayas, Frédéric Auburtin, Sylvain Chomet, Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
2005 Noise - Olivier Assayas
2004 Clean de Olivier Assayas
2002 Demonlover - Olivier Assayas
2000 Sentimental Destinies (Les Destinees sentimentales) - Olivier Assayas
1998 Fin août, début septembre - Olivier Assayas
1997 H H H, portrait - Hou Hsiao-Hsien de Olivier Assayas
1995 Irma Vep - Olivier Assayas
1994 Cold Water (L' Eau froide) - Olivier Assayas
1993 Une nouvelle vie - Olivier Assayas
1991 Paris s'éveille - Olivier Assayas
1989 L'Enfant de l'hiver - Olivier Assayas
1986 Disorder (Désordre) - Olivier Assayas