Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo

Mexican Painter

Name: Maria Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Cauldron

Born: July 6, 1907

In: The Blue House, Coyoacan, Mexico. 

Father: Wilhelm Kahlo, a photographer

Her mother: Matilde Calderon

At the age of 6 Frida had poliomyelitis,  as a consequence, her right leg was always thinner that the left leg.   Frida enjoyed get dressed and to play as a boy.  She was rebel and mischievous. 

September 17, 1925 , Frida Kahlo suffered a serious accident while traveling on an autobus.  Her backbone was seriously injured, as well as several vertebrae, ribs, pelvis, shoulders and her right leg.  A metallic rod crossed it sideways.  This accident had permanent consequences. 

Frida had to remain in bed, with an uncomfortable framework of gypsum around her body, not being able to move.  In order to avoid the boredom, she began to paint, her father I adapt a sawhorse to her bed and put a mirror in the ceiling, and Frida carried out her first self-portraits.  Frida was a self-taught painter with an original and unique technique. Although Frida could walk again, the pain and suffering of this accident accompanied her for the rest of her life.  This suffering reflects itself in her work. 

Frida studied in the National prep School, where she met famous Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, who was responsible for painting a mural at the auditorium. They felt in love and got married in 1929,  but their relation was strange.  Both were authorized to have sexual relations with other people. Frida was 24 years younger than Diego. 

1930 Frida and Diego travelled to the United States where Diego had been hired to paint a mural.  There Frida knew met the Rockefeller family, Henry Ford and Mr. Goodyear. 

1940 Frida and Diego they were divorced, but they got married again after a yearIn the course of her life Frida painted around 70 self-portraits and 200 pictures.  Frida met the communist leader Leon Trotsky, who lived for some time in the house of Frida and Diego in Coyoacán.  Frida and Trotsky had a romance.  Two years later, when Trotsky was murdered, Frida and Diego were arrested and considered suspects, but they were freed little later.  Frida travelled to France and met Pablo Picasso.  Her only exhibition in Mexico took place in 1953. Frida arrived in an ambulance,  in a hospital bed, and they placed it in the center of the gallery where she greeted the audience and told jokes. Short after, her right leg had to be amputated. July 13, 1954 , after various suicide attempts, Frida died.  No official autopsy was done.  Her last words in her diary read "I hope my leaving is joyful and I hope never to come back".