Edith Gonzalez


Edith González

Mexican Actress

Birthday: December 10, 1964

Birth Place: Monterrey,  Mexico

Father: Efraín González, a bookkeeper

Mother: Ophelia Sources, housewife

Since she was a little girl, Edith González acted in school plays.

1976 After being selected among the public of the program Siempre en Domingo to work with Rafael Baledón,  Edith González acted in the big screen in the movie The King of the Gorillas. 

1979 Edith worked with Veronica Castro in the soap opera Los Ricos También Lloran

1980 She participated in several movies, she studied performance in Los Angeles,  New York and Dance in Paris.  In France she also studied in the Sorbona of Paris, and had Jazz Lessons in London. 

1982 Edith had the leading role of the soap opera Bianca Vidal

1984 Edith Gonzáles participated in the Mexican popular movie "Adios Lagunilla, Adios". 

1996 Short before being selected by Carmen Salinas for the show Aventurera, Edith participated in the movie Salón Mexico

1993 Great success of Edith González in the soap opera Corazón Salvaje with Eduardo Palomo, who died in the year 2004

1998 She was the first protagonist of Aventurera in theater. 

2001 Edith González participated in a soap opera of Juan Osorio: Salomé. 

2004 Protagonist of Mujer de Madera, a soap opera that she had to abandon when she found out she was pregnant.

2004, August.  The actress Edith González gave birth to a beautiful girl, in a clinic of Mexico City.  The actress refuses to reveal the name of the father.