Kevin Bacon


Kevin Bacon

Actor, producer

Birth date: July 8, 1958

Place: Philadelphia, USA

His brother: Michael Bacon, Musician

He left school at age 17.

Kevin Bacon had five brothers, his father Edmond Bacon, worked as a town planner in Philidelphia.  

His wife: The actress Kyra Sedgwick since September 3, 1988 , the couple live in Manhattan with their two children Travis and Sosie Ruth.  

Kevin Bacon grew up in Philadelphia and then moved to New York, he acted in off-Broadway with Sean Penn.  

1978 Kevin acted in his first film 

1987 During the filming of the American production of Playhouse, Lemon Sky, Kevin Bacon met Kyra Sedgwick with whom he got married in 1988.  

1994 After working together for 20 years, Kevin and its brother MIchael played rhythm and blues in clubs and restaurants of the city of new York.  

2003 Kevin Bacon interprets the role of "Ed" in the film Mystic River of Clint Eastwood.