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Mini biography of Vincent Cassel


Vincent Cassel
Actor, director

Birth date: November 23, 1966

Place: Paris

Couple: 2001 Monica Bellucci

Vincent Cassel is the son of the actor Jean-Pierre Cassel

His encounter with Mathieu Kassovitz was determinant for his career.  Mathieu Kassovitz was the director of movies like "Metisse", "The Haine" and "Les Rivières Pourpres".

2002 Vincent Cassel attended the 55 festival of Cannes 2002, to present the movie" Irréversible " of Gaspar Noah with

Monica Bellucci

2003 June he Participated in the operation "Auction of Photos of the Stars", in the presence of Sophie Marceau, that took place Monday 16 from June to the 19:00 hours in Paris, organized by Reporters Without Borders.

2004 His daughter Deva was born September 12, with Monica Belucci. He acted in the film Ocean's Twelve, with

Julia Roberts, George Clooney. His film Agents Secrets was shown in Mexico, at the Festival of Cine Franco Mexicano, in presence of it's director Frederic Schoendoerffer.

 Filmography Cinema

2004 Ocean's twelve

2004 The Reckoning of Paul McGuigan

2004 Agents Secrets

de Frédéric Schoendoerffer

2004 Blueberry

de Jan Kounen

2003 L'Instinct of mort

of Barbet Schroeder  

2003 L'Ennemi public n°1 of Barbet Schroeder  

2003 Muraya, l'expérience secrète of Mike Blueberry of Jan Kounen  

2002 Irréversible

of Gaspar Noé

2000 Birthday Girl

of Jez Butterworth

2001 Le Pacte des loups

of Christophe Gans

2001 Shrek  

of Andrew Adamson,

Vicky Jenson



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