Montblanc Celebrates 90 Years Of Its Iconic Meisterstck

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Iconic since 1924, Montblanc’s Meisterstück celebrates 90 years of achievement.
Timeless, the fountain pen has long become a symbol of the brand values: finest craftsmanship, traditional manufacturing techniques, precious materials, refined aesthetics and best functionality. The Meisterstück ranks among the world’s most famous luxury icons. Today, it also continues to assert Montblanc’s savoir-faire and vision for the future of luxury writing instruments.
Manufactured in Hamburg since 1924, the Meisterstück truly embodies Montblanc’s quest for perfection. Over the years, it became the meaningful companion of generations of scholars and scientists, poets and artists, statesmen and industry leaders alike. Its sophisticated character further turned it into a unique writing instrument: more, a reference.
True to the “Meisterstück spirit”, Montblanc unveils its Meisterstück Collection: a unique selection of sensual leather goods, meticulously crafted timepieces, refined jewellery and of course a new Meisterstück writing instrument collection that further ‘writes’ the story of such a timeless icon. The Collection celebrates 90 years of the spirit of Meisterstück, introducing icons for the time to come.
Crafted in Hamburg, every nib is hand-sculpted from solid gold by master craftsmen that oversee 35 skilled steps before an additional 70 steps are required to assemble and further test the unmistakable Meisterstück. A minute attention to detail has been further enhanced for the 90th years.

2 Montblanc Meisterstück Collection
With the Meisterstück 90 Years collection of Fountain Pens, one can discover special red gold nibs and a limited time special engravings on them.
Echoing such a pristine heritage, the Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage timepieces fully embody the codes of fine watchmaking. Manufactured by the skilled hands in the Montblanc Manufactures in Villeret and Le Locle, Switzerland, the classical timepieces evoke the best of traditional Swiss watchmaking with their discriminating and refined complications.
Within this 90 years Meisterstück Collection, one also finds refined leather goods crafted in Montblanc’s Pelletteria in Florence, at the very heart of revered Italian leather traditions. Designed out of supple calfskin, the Soft Grain collection highlights the best Italian leather qualities.
Designed in Paris, a curated set of bracelets, key rings and timeless cuff links with a unique bar motif in onyx further translate the new Meisterstück Collection into timeless accessories.
The collection celebrates 90 years of the spirit of Meisterstück, introducing icons for the time to come.
WRITING INSTRUMENTS Celebrating 90 years of unmatched craftsmanship, Montblanc introduces its Meisterstück collection. Emblematic of a constant quest for perfection since it was first manufactured in Hamburg in 1924, the Meisterstück Collection features a series modes: from the quintessential 149 Fountain Pen, to Classique and LeGrand Fountain pens, to a Rollerball and Ballpoint.

3 Montblanc Meisterstück Collection
Each writing instrument is artfully crafted in precious black resin, is adorned with red gold-plated fittings and is offered in distinct gift box wrapped with a, 1924 replica sleeve. Those that choose the fountain pen mode will especially enjoy the elegantly engraved (Au750/Au585) solid red gold nibs. A Special Edition assortment of writing instruments, available only the year of the anniversary, further highlights Montblanc’s savoir-faire with the Fountain Pen, Rollerball and Ballpoint Pens in Classique size which feature elegant guilloche engraving coated with black lacquer, mother-of-pearl Montblanc emblem, red gold-plated fittings and a Au750 gold nibs with a special 90 Years design.
A Skeleton Fountain Pen also celebrates this anniversary. Paying homage to the first Skeleton Pen created in 1999 for the Meisterstück 75th anniversary, the pen comes with delicately skeletonized, ruthenium-plated cap and barrel, topped by a quartz Montblanc emblem. Furthermore, it has ruthenium-plated fittings and a special 90 Years design engraved on a Au750 solid red gold nib.
Absolutely unique and paying tribute to the ‘Spirit of Meisterstück’ that runs through Montblanc’s history, the Limited Edition 90 completes the writing instrument offerings. Comprised of a Fountain Pen and a Rollerball in LeGrand size with exquisite designs: each limited to 90 pieces, they feature, a cap ring set with 90 diamonds, solid red gold attributes with elegant guilloche engraving, a mother-of-pearl Montblanc emblem, and Au750 gold nib with rhodium-plated inlay with special 90 Years design.

4 Montblanc Meisterstück Collection
LEATHER GOODS Matching the timeless beauty of the Montblanc Meisterstück Writing Instruments, a new line of leather goods further extends the prestigious collection: Meisterstück Soft Grain.
Available in black and beige, the line features soft grain leather with a sensual natural touch through a series of briefcases, messenger and tote bags; plus many more accessories such as wallets, business card and passport holders. Contemporary in its design, the Meisterstück Soft Grain line also offers additional technical functions such as cases for smartphones and tablets for Apple and Samsung that marry extra-slim design and fine finishing with protective mouldings. True to the brand’s attention to details, metallic buckles come in shiny palladium while snow-cap emblems are casted in precious resin.
Elegantly lined with a graphic, historical Jacquard pattern based on Montblanc’s 1924 logo for this occasion, the leather goods launch as collectibles hand-crafted in Montblanc’s Pelletteria in Florence.

MEN’S JEWELRY Further celebrating the Meisterstück, a collection of men’s jewelry and accessories underline Montblanc’s passion for timeless design: refined cufflinks, bracelets, key holders come as new source of discreet elegance. Inspired by the Meisterstück’s iconic details, the collection features refined engravings, lustrous black resin interpreted here with black onyx and red gold- colored finish which highlights the jewelry pieces through their unique contrast.

5 Montblanc Meisterstück Collection
Furthermore, the stainless steel collection pays tribute to the Meisterstück writing instrument with platinum accents and genuine Montblanc engravings on the rim. An additional hint of elegance shines through.
TIMEPIECES The Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage Collection is inspired by the spirit of the Meisterstück. With classical design, discriminating complications and sumptuous decorations, these refined timepieces, manufactured in Villeret and Le Locle Switzerland, manifest the values of the Montblanc Meisterstück and the traditional codes of fine Swiss watchmaking in every detail – thus making them their owners’ lifelong companions. The clearly defined design codes are an important component in the collection. The pieces are offered in 39 or 41 mm diameter.
The contemporary movement of the Pulsograph is manually fabricated and finely adjusted in accord with the principles of the traditional art of Swiss watchmaking. The horns that accommodate the wristband grow conically from the middle piece of the case and curve gently downward so that the watch conforms to the anatomy of its wearer’s wrist. The case`s middle piece descends vertically, the Montblanc emblem on the crown is crafted in solid red gold or steel appearing as a polished and raised relief on a matte sandblasted background. The case’s classically round shape is tastefully accentuated by variously finished surfaces: high-gloss polishing on the narrow convex bezel contrasts attractively with the middle piece, which is horizontally satin finished for a silky shimmer. The dial is slightly cambered and slopes noticeably downward along its periphery, thus embodying a classical look. A fine sunburst pattern gives the dial a subtle yet enchanting shimmer that moves radially from the centre and varies in intensity depending on the incident lighting.

6 Montblanc Meisterstück Collection
Against this background the indicators come into their own, from the hour- hand and minute-hand to the highly complex perpetual calendar with its moon-phase display.
The dial’s cambered periphery bears slender black strokes to mark the minutes, an hour circle with finely faceted and polished appliques in three different lengths for the hour indices, and an applied Roman numeral “XII”. These appliques are complemented by a matching and similarly strongly faceted hour-hand and minute-hand in the classical dauphine shape. Each hand’s downwardly oriented flanks run along the sharply folded midline as they taper toward its tip. They are extremely challenging to fabricate because their clear geometry, straight contours and perfectly smooth flanks make even the tiniest flaw in their manufacturing or assembly readily visible. Their elegant length is a classical character of the fine watchmaking.
Through those new lines, Montblanc brings across the Spirit of Meisterstück introducing a collection crafted for new heights.
The Montblanc Meisterstück Collection will be available from April 2014 in Montblanc boutiques worldwide and for further information visit

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