Tonie Marshall Actress And Director

Tonie Marshall Actress and director
Born:  29 November 1957
Her father: American director William Marshall II
Her mother: French actress Micheline Presle.

1970 Tonie decided to became an actress, she appeared in over fifteen films and TV mini-series.

1988 Tonie Marshall appeared in the French TV miniseries "Palace" starring Michel Blanc.

1989 She debuted as writer and director with police comedy Pentimento

1994 Tonie Marshall wrote and directed Pas très catholique which was very well received in France and was promoted at Festivals in the US as "Something's Fishy".

1996 Tonie directed Enfants de salaud ( "Bastard Brood") starring.

1999 Tonie's great success was Venus Beauté, that received several Cesar Awards.

2000 The film Venus Beauty Institute was released in the United States

2012 Tonie Marshall jury at the Cannes Film Festival 2012- Selection un cartain regard.


2010 Voici le temps des assassins - Tonie Marshall
2009 X Femmes" (1 episode) - Tonie Marshall
2008 Passe-passe - Tonie Marshall
2008 Musée haut, musée bas - Jean-Michel Ribes
2008 Vnus & Apollon (1 episode)
2004 Les falbalas - Jean-Paul Gaultier (TV)  - Tonie Marshall
2003 France boutique - Tonie Marshall
2002 Au plus prs du paradis - Tonie Marshall
1998 Venus Beauty Institute (Venus and Apollo) - Tonie Marshall
1995 Bastard Brood (Enfants de salaud) - Tonie Marshall
1996 Just for Laughs (Pour rire!) - Lucas Belvaux
1994 Avant... mais apres - Tonie Marshall
1993 Pas trs catholique - Tonie Marshall
1989 Le Champignon des Carpathes - Jean-Claude Biette
1989 Pentimento - Tonie Marshall
1986 Beau Temps mais orageux en fin de journee - Grard Frot-Coutaz
1986 Qui trop embrasse - Jacques Davil