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Matthew Paige Damon
Actor and producer
Birth date: 8 October 1970
Birth Place: USA
His mother: a school teacher
His brother: a sculptor
His childhood friend: Actor Ben Affleck
His parents got divorced when was two years old

1988 Matt Damon’s first role in the movies was in the film Mystic Pizza, directed by Donald Petrie.

1996 Matt Damon went on a diet and lost 40 pounds for his role in the film Courage Under Fire, where he interpreted the role of a Gulf War Veteran.

1997 He received the Academy Award to the best screenplay, and an award at the Berlin Film Festival. He started dating Wynona Ryder.

Together with his friend Ben Affleck, he wrote the screenplay of the film Good Will Hunting, directed by Gus Van Sant. He also starred in this film.

2000 Matt Damon announced that he had broken up with Winona Ryder.

2001 He starred in the film Ocean’s Eleven, with Julia Roberts.

2004 Matt Damon interpreted the role of “Son of the pub n°2″ in the film Jersey Girl, directed by Kevin Smith with Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler.

2005 Matt Damon acts in the movie The Brothers Grimm


2013 Liberace by  Steven Soderbergh
2013 Elysium by Neill Blomkamp
2011 We Bought a Zoo by  Cameron Crowe
2011 Inside Job by  Charles Ferguson
2011 The Adjustment Bureau by George Nolfi
2011 Contagion
2011 Happy Feet 2 in 3D
2011 Hereafter by Clint Eastwood
2010 True Grit
2010 Hereafter
2010 The Adjustment Bureau
2010 Margaret
2010 30 Rock
2010 Green Zone
2009 Invictus
2008 The Informant!
2008 Ponyo
2008 Che: Part Two – Steven Soderbergh
2007 Youth Without Youth
2007 The Bourne Ultimatum
2007 Ocean’s Thirteen
2007 The Good Shepherd
2006 The Departed
2005 Syriana
2005 Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D
2005 The Brothers Grimm
2004 Ocean’s twelve – Steven Soderbergh
2004 Jersey Girl by Kevin Smith
2002 Confessions of a dangerous mind by  George Clooney
2002 The bourne Identity by Doug Liman
2002 Gerry – Gus Van Sant
2001 The Third wheel – Jordan Brady
2001 Jay and Silent Bob strike back by Kevin Smith
2001 Ocean’s eleven – Steven Soderbergh
2000 Finding Forrester – Gus Van Sant
2000 All the pretty horses -e Billy Bob Thornton
2000 The Legend of Bagger Vance - Robert Redford
2000 Titan A.E. – Don Bluth
1999 Dogma by Kevin Smith
1999 The Talended Mr. Ripley – Anthony Minghella
1998 The Good mother – Leonard Nimoy
1998 Rescatando Al Soldado Ryan - Steven Spielberg
1998 Rounders – John Dahl
1997 The Rainmaker by  Francis Ford Coppola
1997 Chasing Amy  by  Kevin Smith
1997 Good will hunting – Gus Van Sant
1996 Courage Under Fire – Edward Zwick
1996 Glory Daze – Rich Wilkes
1993 Geronimo – Walter Hill
1992 School Ties – Robert Mandel
1988 Mystic Pizza – Donald Petrie

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