Gallery 1 Cartier Launches Inde Mysterieuse

Monica Bellucci - Princess Michael - Sir David Frost and Lady Carina - Mr and Mrs Andy Wong - Trinny Woodall - Bipasha Basu - Mr and Mrs Nick Mason - Linzi Stoppard - Tom Aikens and Amber Nuttall -

Reflecting on the skin like a sparkling jewel, an Indian light flowing through a Cartier prism. A collection in which Cartier has captured the essence of an invisible and secret fragment of a world, unfurling the magic of bewitching jewels, encrypted with symbols of the past.

Magical jewels that look to India with its ceremonial necklaces, rows of trimmings, girandoles, arm bracelets and the stones, predominantly engraved, ribbed and cut in the Jaipur style, reflecting the authenticity and truth of an enduring and unique skill.

Chris Jackson - Biosstars international - Copyright and Picture Credits 2007