Mickey Rourke


Mickey Rourke

Real name: Philip Andre Rourke

Birth date: September 16, 1956
Place: Schenectady, in New York

He got married in 1992 with the model Carré Otis and they got divorced in 1994.

He has seven tattoos, a head of a tiger with Chinese symbols on his left
shoulder, a bull head on his right bicep right and some other symbols.

Mickey Rourke moved in with his mother in Miami.

1991 he became a professional boxer.

1994 Mickey Rourke was arrested in Los Angeles accused of beating and injuring his girlfriend Carre Otis.

1995 Mickey Rourke declared that he would retire from movies and TV.

1999 Mickey Rourke entered the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in L.A because of an allergic reaction to cough syrup

2003 He acted in the film Once Upon a Time in Mexico, directed by Robert Rodriguez

2005 Actor Mickey Rourke said that Nicole Kidman had him fired from 2003 movie In the Cut, because she didn't want to work with him