Michel Gondry Director

Michel Gondry

With his seven feature films, several shorts and seventy-odd music videos, Michel Gondry, who is also a musician, has created an incredibly original body of work coloured with dreamscape qualities and Utopian ideals. A master craftsman, a modern day Méliès, he is a cinemagician who constantly reinvents the technical effects and enchantments of the medium of film.

In 2001, his first feature film, Human Nature, was selected for the Festival de Cannes. He was back in

2008 with the Tokyo! triptych at Un Certain Regard, and presented the documentary The Thorn in the
Heart out of competition in 2009.

The Academy Award winning screenplay in 2004, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was followed
in 2006 by The Science of Sleep and Be Kind, Rewind in 2008. The Green Hornet, on general release in France since January 2011, has been his biggest box office hit thus far.
At the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Michel Gondry has just opened his Amateur Film Factory (Usine de
films amateurs) as part of the Nouveau Festival. It is part creative studio think-tank and part DIY laboratory – a space offering anyone the chance to make a short film in three hours.

2011 Michel Gondry, president of the short filns & Cinefondation jury Film director Michel Gondry is to head up the Short Film and Cinéfondation jury of the 64th Festival de Cannes, following in the footsteps of Atom Egoyan, Hou Hsiao Hsien, Martin Scorsese and John Boorman..


Untitled Noam Chomsky Documentary 2011
Jimmy Kimmel Live! (TV series) 2011
The Green Hornet 2009
L'épine dans le coeur 2009
Michel Gondry 2: More Videos 2009
How to Blow Up a Helicopter (Ayako's Story) 2009
The Flight of the Conchords (TV series) 2008
Tokyo! 2008
Megalomania - Paul Gondry, Michel Gondry 2008
Prélude au sommeil - Gilles Weinzaepfen 2008
Soyez sympas, rembobinez 2007
La science des rêves - 2006
The Willowz: Seeinsquares (video) 2006
La science des rêves 2005
Block Party 2004
I've Been Twelve Forever 2004
Eternal Sunshine - the Spotless Mind 2003
The Work of Director - Michel Gondry 2003
The Chemical Brothers: Singles 93-03 2003
Pecan Pie 2001
Massive Attack: Eleven Promos 2001
La lettre (short) 2001
Human Nature 2001
One Day... (short) 2000
D.A.F.T. (video) Spike Jonze, Roman Coppola, Seb Janiak, Michel Gondry, Thomas Bangalter 1999
Clip Cult Vol. 1: Exploding Cinema 1999
Björk: Greatest Hits 1989
Vingt p'tites tours