Mariana Levy


Mariana Levy

Mexican Actress and singer.

Date of birth: April 22nd, 1966

Place of birth: Mexico City

Died: April 29th, 2005

Place of birth: Mexico City

Her mother: Talina Fernández, Actrez

Her brother: Coco Levy, Actor.

1982 Mariana Levy made her debut as a member of the musical group Fresas con Crema, together with other celebrities such as Toño Mauri. Their most important song was “Cómo no quererte a tí”. The group recorded four albums

1986 After leaving the group Fresas con Crema, Mariana participated in the mexican soap opera Martín Garatuza. She then worked in soap operas with actors such as Verónica Castro (in Rosa Salvaje) and Guillermo Capetillo (in Yo Compro Esa Mujer)

1990 Her fist important role in a soap opera was La Picara Soñadora. She met and fell in love with her co-star Ariel Lopez Padilla. The couple got married and had a daughter: María.

In theatre, she has acted in Jesucristo superestrella, El diluvio que viene, Vaselina and Herodes en aprietos.

1999 Mariana Levy se divorced Ariel López Padilla. On Christmas night that same year, her house caught fire.

2002 Mariana got married with José María Fernández, half brother of actress Chantal Andere. They had their first daughter:Paula

2003 Mariana Levy accepted the invitation of Televisa to participate in the tv show Nuestra Casa, with her mother Talina Fernández and actor Jorge Muñiz.

2004 Mariana Levy was invited by Carla Estrada to participate in the soap opera Amor Real. Her son José Emilio was born short after.

2005 Marzo. Mexican Actress Mariana Levy was one of the guests of the tv show Don Francisco Presenta. This was one of her last interviews.

2005 Abril 29. An armed man tried to attack the van of Mariana Levy and her husband while they were traveling with their children in a residential zone of Mexico City. The actress was very scared and died as a consequence of a heart attack short after.

2005 May. Mariana Levy was cremated at the Panteón Español de la Ciudad de México, the ceremony was touching, in the presence of her family and several celebrities such as Angélica María,  Diego Shoening, Maribel Guardia, Lolita Ayala, Jorge Muñíz and others.