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Actor, director and producer.
Date of Birth: 2 August 1970.
Place of Birth: Red Bank, New Jersey, USA
His wife: Actress  Jennifer Schwalbach Smith Since april 25,

1999 Kevin Smith filmed his first movies in black and white, sith a limited budget, his first film was a 16mm where he tells the story of a store from New Jersey

2004 Kevin Smith directed Jersey girl, with Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler

Filmography Kevin Patrick Smith

2005 The Passion of the Clerks – Kevin Smith
2005 Southland Tales – Richard Kelly
2004 Reel Paradise (productor)
2004 Jersey Girl – Kevin Smith
2003 Daredevil (actor)
2002 Now You Know
2001 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
2000 It Lucy You Love
2000 Vulgar
2000 Scream 3
1999 Big Helium Dog
1999 Dogma
1997 Chasing Amy
1995 Mallrats
1994 Clerks

Kevin Smith, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating