Shannon Theule Book Actor

Shannon Theule
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 170lbs
Hair: Blonde
Height: 63

Film- Role - Director / Prod.
The Rainy Days of Timothy Grey-(pre prod)   Lead  Confidential
The Rainy Days of Timothy Grey-short   (post)      Lead  Muddy Yellow Sneakers
Sally Brown-short  Supporting  Muddy Yellow Sneakers
The Mandarin Orange Boy  Supporting  G.R. Claveria/Alesha Claveria
Brando Unauthorized (post-prod) Principal  Amadeus Pic/Damian Chapa
Out of the Trunk: King of the Underground  Principal Dex Elliot Sanders
She Wants Me (post-prod)   Featured Rob Margolies/Different Duck Films
Head Over Spurs in Love  Featured  Might Girl Prod
Chicago 8 Featured Pynchas Perry
Convincing Clooney  Featured Heaven’s Kiss Prod

2011 Guys Choice Awards Lead   Spike TV
Treatment for Trevor McShane Supporting David Herrera
The Next Big Thing (Pilot) Co-Star  Eric Patton/Broken Balcony Prod
Operation Repo, Season 8  Guest-Star Francisco Aguilar, Arietis Inc
JFK/Jackie Documentary Featured Nipon Television (Japanese TV)

Volkswagen  Principal  CFS Prod. (German Prod.)
DnB NOR (Bank of Norway)(Post-Prod) Lead   Spill Films (Norway Prod.)  
Virgin Mobil Crazy Life Principal  Serial Pictures--Dir. Jonas Akerlund
The Race  Supporting  Justin Baird
Chevy Denmark (Denmark) Featured  Golden Era (Denmark)
Pandora Jewelry (Denmark) Featured  Spill Films (Denmark)
Wild Models Principal  Model Management
Sunkist  Featured Moxie Media

Annual Mockfest Film Festival (2011)(booked)   Red Carpet Host                                                    Mockfest Film Festival
Annual Mockfest Film Festival (2010) Red Carpet Host  Mockfest Film Festival         

The Next Big Thing (Pilot) Co-Star  Eric Patton/Broken Balcony Prod
Circle of Eight Featured  Bronson Ave LLC
Sunkist  Featured  Moxie Media

Sapporo Beer (Japan)  Lead   Sapporo/Moosylvania Agency
Photo Flex Lead Jay P Morgan/Photo Flex

Training      Type/Style    Coach
Katt Shea On Camera Acting (all)  Katt Shea (current)
The Ardavany Approach  On Camera Acting Tom Ardavany
Calvin College/GRCC Theatre/Improvisation


  • Lived in Nigeria, Liberia, Japan, Costa Rica, Canada and have visited over 50 countries
  • Hiking, camping, trekking, singing (tenor), guitar, swimming, reading
  • Traveling, cultures, world affairs