Isabelle Adjani Actress

Isabelle Yasmine Adjani
She was born June 27, 1955 .  
Place: Paris

Her dad: Mohamed, born in Algeria, of Turkish origin, ( he is buried in the Moslem cemetery of Bobigny), her mother was German.  

Two children: Barnabé (of Bruno Nuytten) and Gabriel-Kane (of Daniel Day-Lewis).  

Brother: Eric, famous photographer. 

1969 at the age of 14, while studying at the lyceum of Courbevoie, she received a proposal from the assistant of the director Bernard Toublanc-Michel to act in its movie Le petit Bougnat.  

1986 there were many rumors in the French press about Isabelle that she was depressed, sick, and wanted to die.  She decides to appear in the 8 news cast in France 2, and she denied the rumors about her and the illness.

1990 Isabelle Adjani was chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world

1996, the actor Daniel Day-Lewis caused a celebrity public outcry when he dumped Isabelle Adjani by fax

2002 Isabelle Adjani got engaged to musician Jean-Michel Jarre but she broke it off short after.Isabelle Adjani has participated in several campaigns of the AICF, International Action Against the Hunger.  

She has done publicity for Gap (shoes), lux (jabon) and Dior.  

Isabelle recorded a million selling album in 1983 with the hit single "Pull Marine" written by Serge Gainsbour, to which the video was shot by Luc Besson.She is the only actress in the history French Cinema to get four César awards, the first in 1982 for "Possession", the second in 1984 for "L'Eté meurtrier", the third for "Camille Claudel" in 1989 and her last in 1995 for "La Reine Margot"

2004 Isabelle Adjani participated in the operation Photographs of the Stars, organized by Reporters Without Borders, an Association of defense of the liberty of press that gives financial support to the families of the 29 reporters that are in prison in Cuba ........

Isabelle Adjani had the honor to receive the "Great special prize of the Americas" for her filmic career, in the Film Festival of Montreal

2004 She was elected as the second most beautiful woman (after Monica Bellucci) by French people in the tv show "La plus belle femme du monde"


2003 Bon voyage - Jean-Paul Rappeneau
2002 Adolphe - Benot Jacquot
2001 La repentie - Laetitia Masson
1998 Paparazzi
1996 Diabolique
1994 La reine Margot
1993 Toxic Affair
1990 Lung Ta: Les cavaliers du vent
1988 Camille Claudel
1987 Ishtar
1985 Subway
1983 L't meurtrier
1983 Mortelle randonne
1982 Antonieta
1981 Quartet
1981 Possession
1981 L'anne tout va bien
1981 Tout feu, tout flamme
1980 Clara et les chics types
1979 Les soeurs Bront
1979 Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht
1978 The Driver
1976 Barocco
1976 Le Locataire
1976 Violette et Franois
1974 L'histoire d'Adle H
1974 La gifle
1971 Faustine
1969 Le petit bougn