Mel Gibson


Mel Gibson
Actor and director

Date of Birth: January 3, 1956
Place of Birth: New York
His brother: Donald Gibson
His wife:  Robyn Moore, since June 7, 1980
Children: 7: Edouard, Chretien, Hanna, William, Louis, Milo and Tommy.
His father: Hutton Gibson
His mother: Ann Gibson
He was the sixth of eleven children

Mel's family moved to New South Wales in Australia.

Mel Gibson therefore attended the University of New South Wales and he performed at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts.

1979 Mel Gibon starred in the film Mad Max and he also acted with Piper Laurie in the film Tim. Thanks to this film, he received the Best Actor Award from the Australian Film Institute.

1980 She got married with Robyn Moore.

1984 Mel Gibson acted in the american film The Bounty, with Anthony Hopkins

1987 Mel Gibson became famous thanks to his role of Martin Riggs in the film Lethal Weapon.

1993 He acted in the film Man Without a Face, playing the role of Justin McLeod, this was also the first film he directed

1995 Mel Gibson won two Oscars (Best Picture and Best Director) for the film Braveheart, where he also played the role of Sir William Wallace

2000 Mel Gibson received a $25 million profits for his film The Patriot.

2004 Premiere in US of the film The Passion of Christ, a very polemic film about the life of Christ, directed by Mel Gibson.