Glenn Close American Actress

Glenn Close
American Actress
Birthday:  March 19, 1947
Birth place:  Greenwich   Connecticut

Her father: The surgeon William Close, who worked various years in  Switzerland  and  Zaire . 

Glenn graduated from the  College  of  William  & Mary with a BA in drama and anthropology.

Her first job in Broadway was at the Phoenix Theatre's production of "Love for Love."

1979, Glenn Close debuts in the television with a secondary role in two films adapted for TV

1981 She debuted her film career with the main role of "The World according to Gap". 

Glenn was the fourth choice to play the role of Alex in Fatal Attraction after Debra Winger, Barbara Hershey and Miranda Richardson.

2002 Glenn Close received a prize for her contribution to the fight in favor of the rights of the homosexuals during the 13 ceremony organized by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against the discrimination. (GLAAD)

2004 Glenn Close traveled to  France , for the American Film festival of Deauville , where her film "Heights" of Chris Terrio was shown.

2005 Tom Suozzi launched his re-election campaign by bringing in legendary singer Tony Bennett to headline a $1,000-a-head gala Jan. 13 at  Hofstra   University  arena. Actress Glenn Close made introductions at a Spitzer's mammoth $2.8-million. 


2005 The Chumscrubber - Arie Posin
2005 Nine Lives - Rodrigo Garca
2004 Heights - Chris Terrio
2004 The Stepford Wives - Frank Oz
2003 Anything Else - Woody Allen
2003 Le divorce - Jame Ivory
2001 The Safety of Objects
2000 102 Dalmatians - Kevin Lima
2000 Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her
1999 Tarzan (voz)
1999 Cookie's fortune - Robert Altman
1997 In & Out de Frank Oz
1997 Air Force One
1997 Paradise Road - Bruce Beresford
1996 Mars Attacks! - Tim Burton
1996 Mary Reilly - Stephen Frears
1994 The paper - Ron Howard
1994 The House of the Spirits - Bille August
1992 Hook - Steven Spielberg
1991 Meeting Venu - Istvn Szab
1990 Hamlet - Franco Zeffirelli
1991 Reversal of Fortune - Barbet Schroeder
1989 Immediate Family - Jonathan Kaplan
1989 Dangerous Liaisons - Stephen Frears
1987 Fatal Attraction - Adrian Lyne
1985 Maxie - Paul Aaron
1985 Jagged Edge - Richard Marquand
1984 The Stone boy - Christopher Cain
1984 The Natural - Barry Levinson
1984 The Big Chill de Lawrence Kasdan
1982 The World According to Gar - George Roy Hill