Casting Leiticia

Leiticia "Trinity" Pestova was born in Northern California on January 15th, 1984. She is a classical musician, singer and songwriter, MMA Fighter, Licensed Residentail Specialist, Mortgage Broker, Rotarian, and business owner. She was musically trained by Joanne Jaffa, a record producer and manager who used to tour with Jim Tucker of The Turtles as well as The Crossfires. She began playing classical piano at age 3, and at age 11, she began classical violin, Irish music, fiddling, and theory appreciation at Joanne's School of Music. Leiticia began to compete professionally when she was 12 at Music in the Mountains Scholarship Competition in California, and she began teaching classical piano and violin when she was 16 years old, supervised by Joanne Jaffa. In 1994 Leiticia was asked to join the band CJA, who's members include Joanne Jaffa and Christine Adkins, another classical musician in Arizona. Leiticia toured throughout California, and eventually parts of Arizona. CJA has been recognized as one of Arizona's best pop bands and currently has three CD's, a music video and merchandise (available at . Leiticia began modeling at age 15 at CJA's Film Studios in Scottsdale. She has won 1st Place awards for Best Model, Sponsor's Choice, Favorite Model and Best Dressed. She has also been featured in FAME Magazine and Photo Shoot Monthly. Leiticia began to study Martial Arts and Jiu-Jitsu with Steve Fossum, president of IKF and ISCF and Master Sensei. In 1994, she began film work and starred in the TV Program, "The World of Martial Arts." Also in 1994, Leiticia began studying free-style martial arts at Delgado's School of the Dragon. Leiticia is currently training for Rage in the Cage.

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