Movie Code Name: Geronimo By John Stockwell

Original Title: Code Name: Geronimo
Genre : Thriller
Release Date :
Runtime :
Nationality : United States
Filming Locations:New Mexico, USA
Director: John Stockwell
Screenwriter: Kendall Lambkin
Composer: Paul Haslinger
Producer/s: Nicolas Chartier, Zev Foreman, Tony Mark,
Director of Photography: Peter A. Holland
Editor : Ben Callahan
Costume Designer:
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Interrogated detainees reveal details on Osama bin Laden’s possible whereabouts, and the CIA debates how and when to strike. Intense training begins for a team of seasoned Navy Seals. They ready themselves for an unknown mission, with the only Intel that it will be top priority. Orders from the Pentagon instruct the team to convene at the US Base in Bagram, Afghanistan. Tension mounts the following day, when Stunner suspects that one of his drunken buddies slept with his wife. The team leaves the base, but not their troubles behind.

Eight months of surveillance on the suspected bin Laden hideout reveals high walls, tinted windows, and barbed wire surrounding a two story home and guest house. At CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA, officials debate the possible ramifications of an unannounced attack on Pakistani soil. The Lieutenant Commander leading the Navy Seals mission has a personal vendetta; his wife and child were lost in the rubble of nine-eleven. Our team lands at the US Air Base in Bagram, Afghanistan. Stunner’s rage over his cheating wife affects his relationship with the team. In a briefing for the mission, Lieutenant Commander announces their target will be known as GERONIMO. In the barracks, Stunner finally confronts “Cherry”, the soldier who had sex with his wife the night before they left. Lieutenant Commander interrupts the fight and orders them to resolve this when they get back home. The men ready themselves to board Black Hawk helicopters bound for the compound. With helmet cams on and the president and other officials watching via satellite, the mission begins. Unknown technical issues bring one Black Hawk crash-landing inside the compound, ruining the element of surprise. The soldiers tumble out of the mangled craft. Team Two storms the guest house. Inside, they find Abu Ahmed Al-Kuwaiti, the bin Laden courier, armed and holding a female hostage by the throat. She breaks free, draws a gun, and is shot down by the soldiers. Kuwaiti fights back, but takes a shot straight to the head. Dozens of women and children flee inside the Main House, as Team One searches for their target. Lieutenant Commander makes it to the bottom of a staircase before his injuries get the best of him. There, at the top of the stairs, is Osama bin Laden. He retreats into a bedroom as our team races up the stairs all gunning for the kill of a lifetime. They reach the bedroom and gunshots fill the air; bin Laden is dead. Inside CIA headquarters, Champaign bottles pop, while on television, President Obama announces to the world that justice has been served.


William Fichtner ..... Guidry
Cam Gigandet ..... Stunner
Robert Knepper ..... Lieutenant Commander
Anson Mount ..... Cherry
Freddy Rodríguez ..... Trench
Eddie Kay Thomas ..... Christian
Xzibit ..... Mule
Kathleen Robertson ..... Vivian
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