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News from Cannes 58e Festival of Cannes

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Canada-United States- A history of violence of David  Cronenberg

Germany-France- Don't come knockin of Wim Wenders


Denmark-Sweden- Manderlay of Lars Von Trier

United-States- Broken flowers of Jim Jarmusch

Belgium-France- L'enfant of Jean-Pierre, Luc Dardenne

 Israël-Free zone of Amos Gitaï

Etats-Unis- The Three burials of Melquiades Estrada of Tommy Lee Jones

 Japan- Basing of Masahiro Kobayashi

China- Shanghai Dreams of Wang Xiaoshuai

 Taïwan- The best of our times de Hsiao-Hsien

 Canada- Where the truth lies of d'Atom Egoyan 


 United States- Last days de Gus Van Sant

 France- Peindre ou faire l'amour of d'Arnaud, Jean-Marie  Larrieu  


 United States- Sin city de Frank Miller of Robert Rodriguez

 Mexico- Batalla en el cielo of Carlos Reygadas

 Iraq-France Kilomètre zéro of Hiner Saleem

 Honk Kong Election of Johnny To


 France- Caché of Michael Haneke