Danny Glover


Danny Glover

Actor,  producer

Birthday: July 22, 1947

Place: San Francisco, California United States

Father of film production assistant Mandisa Glover.

His mother: Carrie Hunley

Danny Glover first became interested on theater when he was attending college. He studied at the Black Actors Workshop.

1979 Danny Glover debuted in the movies in the film Escape from Gannet, with Clint Eastwood

1987 Danny Glover interpreted "Roger Murtaugh" in Lethal Weapons,  with Mel Gibson, a movie of Richard Donner.

1990 Danny Glover donated $100,000 to endow a scholarship fund in her honor.

1997Danny received a Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts Degree from San Francisco State University

2002 DannyGlover spoke at the schools's 120th commencement, and shook the hands of all of 100 graduates.

Politically active on issues involving minorities in the U.S., global human rights and AIDS

2004 Danny Glover will appear in the final performance of Guantánamo: Honor Bound to Defend Freedom Off-Broadway. He will play the role of Lord Justice Steyn, a British magistrate who objects to the detainment of political prisoners at the title American military base located in Cuba