Kate Winslet

2004 Romance & Cigarettes

2006 The Holiday of Nancy Meyers

2006 Flushed Away of Henry Anderson, David Bowers

2005 The Marvelous Mabel Stark of Francesca Brill

2005 All the King's Men of Steven Zaillia

2004 Neverland  of Marc Forster

2003 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

2003 The Life of David Gale

2001 Iris de Richard Eyre

2001 Enigma of Michael Apted

2000 Quills of Philip Kaufman

1999 Faeries Gary Hurst

1999 Humo Sagrado (Holy Smoke) of Jane Campion

1998 Hideous Kinky of Gillies MacKinnon

1997 Titanic

1997 Hamlet de Kenneth Branagh

1996 Jude  of Michael Winterbottom

1995 Sense and Sensibility  of Ang Lee

1995 A Kid in King Arthur's Court of Michael Gottlieb

1994 Heavenly Creatures of Peter Jackson