Daniel Dae Kim

2006 Saints Row of Douglas Carrigan, Zach Hanks

2006 The Untitled Onion Movie of Tom Kuntz, Mike Maguire

2006 Lost of Damon Lindelof    J.J. Abrams TV Episode

2006 Justice League of Gardner Fox TV Episode

2006 24: The Game of  Duppy Demetrius

2005 The Cave of Bruce Hunt

2004 Crash of Paul Haggis

2004 Spider-Man 2 of Sam Raimi

2004 The Shield TV Episode

24 TV Episode

2004 ER of Episode

2003 Enterprise Episode

Without a Trace Episode

2003 Miss Match of Episode

2003 Sin of Michael Stevens

2003 Ride or Die of Craig Ross Jr.

2003 Street Time TV Episode

2003 Hulk of Ang Lee

2003 Momentum

2003 Tenchu san

2003 Cradle 2 the Grave of Andrzej Bartkowiak

2002 Angel TV Episode

2002 Any Day Now TV Episode

2001 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation TV Episode

2001 Charmed TV Episode

2001 Once and Again

2001 Looking for Bobby D Peymon Maskan

2000 Murder, She Wrote: A Story to Die For

2000 Star Trek: Voyager TV Episode

1999 Walker, Texas Ranger TV Episode

1999 For Love of the Game Sam Raimi

1999 Crusade TV Episode

1998 Fantasy Island TV Episode

1998 Party of Five TV Episode

1998 Ally McBeal TV Episode

1998 The Practice TV Episode

1998 Brave New World (TV)

1998 Seinfeld TV Episode

1998 The Pretender TV Episode

1998 No Salida of Bill Birrell

1997 The Jackal of Michael Caton-Jones

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1997 Addicted to Love

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1991 American Shaolin  Lucas Lowe