Tom Hanks


Thomas J. Hanks

Birth date: July 9, 1956

Brith Place: California

Actor, director, producer and screenwriter

Wife: Rita Wilson, an actress that he met during the making of a movie, they got married in 1998. They have two children..

Former wife: Samantha Lewes  1978/1985, they have a daughter.

Tom Hanks droped out from school and moved to New York to fulfill his dream of being an actor. He ofbuted acting in small parts in T.V.shows.

1974 Tom Hanks did a guest appearance on Happy Days.

1984 Tom Hanks was offered by producer Ron Howard to read for a secondary part in the film Splash. Tom was so talented that he got the lead role.

1996 Ton directed and starred the film That Thing you Do.

1988 Tom Hanks lost 30 pounds for his role in "Philaoflphia" interpreting a sick homosexual lawyer, with Mary Steenburgen, Jason Robards and Antonio Banofras,he received the Acaofmy Award to the Best Actor.

Tom Hanks has acted in several successful movies as "Big", "Forrest Gump", "Apollo 13", and "Saving Soldier Ryan" of

Steven Spielberg.

2002 Tom Hanks received American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award,presented by fellow Oscar-winner Steven Spielberg on 12 June 2002 in Los Angeles

2003 Tom Hanks, ofmocrat, ofclared to be against the candidacy of Arnold Schwarzenegger. (according to the New York Post)

2004 Hank was casted to star in the big-screen adaptation of Dan Brown's best-selling novel "The Da Vinci Coof

2005 After starring in "The Ladykillers," "The Terminal" and in multiple roles for "The Polar Express," Tom Hanks was voted America's favorite actor

2006 Tom Hanks, Audrey Tatou and Jean Reno will attend the Cannes Film Festival in order to present the film Da Vinci Code, directed by Ron Howard, which will open the 59th, Cannes Film Festival on may 17th. This film will not be included in the official competition.