Alejandra Guzman


Alejandra Guzmán

Mexican singer
Full name:
Alejandra Guzmán Pinal

Birthday: February 9th, 1968

Birth place: México, D.F.

Her father: Enrique Guzmán, singer
Her mother: Silvia Pinal, actress
Her daughter: Frida Sofía


Alejandra Guzmán first appearance on tv, on the show of her parents "Silvia y Enrique".

1973 Alejandra Guzmán studied ballet, tap and jazz.

1985 She worked with her mother in the play "Mame".


Alejandra Guzmán presented her album "Bye Mamá" which was a great succes thanks to the song "La Plaga", once sung by her father Enrique Guzmán.

1990 She became even more famous thanks to the song "Eternamente Bella"

1991 Her fourth album "Flor de Papel" won the ERES award to the best album of the year. Alejandra got pregnant with her daughter Frida Sofía.

1992 March, Frida Sofia was born

1993 Alejandra Guzmán returned to the show business and she got a contract with BMG and promoted her album "Libre" with songs like "Mala Hierba" and "Mírala, Míralo".

1995 Alejandra Guzmán first concert in Europe. That same year she was invited to perform in the Festival of Viña del Mar.

1997 Alejandra got secretly married in Miami, but divorced short after when whe discovered that her husband was a drug dealer.

1999 The new album of Alejandra Guzman "Algo Natural" was released, she performed in the Auditorio Nacional de la Ciudad de México.

2002 Her album won a Latin Grammy


Alejandra Guzmán started recording her album Lipstick.

2004 Agosto.

Alejandra Guzmán and her boyfriend Gerardo Gomez de la Borbolla travelled together to Venice, Italy. Her album Lipstick was nominated to the latin Grammy Awards 2004.