Youssef Chahine

Born on January 25th 1926 in Alexandria.

He started studying at Friar’s school, and then turned to English College until High School Certificate. After a year at the Alexandria University, where he mostly cared about theatre, he moved to the United States. At the Pasadena PlayHouse, near Los Angeles, he took courses on film and dramatic arts for two years. It has been the operator Alvise Orfanelli “pioneer in Egyptian cinema” that opened the way for production to Chahine.

At 23, he directed his first feature film BABA AMINE in 1949
In 1970, Chahine was awarded a Golden Tanit (Grand Prise) at the Carthage Film Festival for THE CHOICE. In 1972, with THE SPARROW, he directed the first Egypt-Algeria co-production.

In 1979, he won a Silver Bear and the Grand Jury Prise as well in Berlin for ALEXANDRIA... WHY? (1978), the first part of what would become an autobiographic trilogy, completed with AN EGYPTIAN STORY (1982) and ALEXANDRIA AGAIN AND FOREVER (1990).

In 1992, Jacques Lassalle proposed him to stage a piece of his choice for “La Comédie Française” : Chahine chose to adapt Albert Camus' Caligula, which turned to be a huge success.

In 1994, he shot THE EMIGRANT, a story inspired by the Biblical character of Joseph, son of Jacob. This had been a dream-project since the 50’s.

In 1997, as his last movie DESTINY is presented at the Cannes Film Festival, Chahine is awarded by the “Cinquentenaire Prize” for his whole work.

In 1999, his movie THE OTHER is selected for the opening of “Un Certain Regard” at the Cannes Film Festival.

In 2001, he directed the musical SILENCE… WE’RE ROLLING, and in 2004, ALEXANDRIA… NEX YORK which continues his autobiographic trilogy.

2008 He died at age 82 in Cairo, Egypt, after being in coma due to a cerebral  hemorrhage one month before


2007 Heya Fawda (Chaos)
2004 Alexandrie... New York (Alexandria... New York)

2002 11'09''01 - September

2001 Skoot hansawwar (We're Rolling )

1999 L'Autre

1997 AL Massir (Destiny)

1995 Lumière et compagnie (Lumière and Company - International title)

1994 Al Mohager (The emigrant)

1991 Cairo As Seen by Chahine

1991 Al Qahira menauwwara bi Ahlaha (TV)

1990 Iskanderija, kaman oue kaman  

1986 Yawm al-Sadis (The sixth day)

1985 Adieu Bonaparte

1982 Hadduta misrija (La mémoire)

1978 Iskanderija... lih?( Alexandrie pourquoi?)

1976 Awdat al ibn al dal (Retour du fils prodigue)

1974 Intilak (En Avant)

1972 Al Asfour (le Moineau)

1972 Salwa (Salwa ou La petite fille qui parle aux vaches)

1971 Rimal min dhahab (Sables d'or )

1970 Al Ikhtiyar (le choix)

1969 Al Ard (La Terre)

1968 Al Nass wal Nil (Les Gens du Nil)

1967 Id al-Mairun (La Fête de Mairun)

1965 Biya el-Khawatim (Auliban, the Seller of Jokes - International - title)
1964 Fagr Yom gedid (L'Aube d'un jour nouveau)

1963 El Naser Salah el Dine

1961 Nida al'ushshaq (A Lover's Call - International - title)

1961 Rajul fi hayati (Un homme dans ma vie )

1960 Bein edeik (Entre tes mains )

1959 Hubb lel-abad (À toi pour toujours )

1958 Bab el hadid (The Iron Gate - International title)

1958 Djamilah (Djamila l'Algérienne )

1957 Inta habibi (Ma chérie )

1957 Wadda'tu hubbak (Farewell to Your Love - International - title)

1956 Siraa Fil-Mina (Struggle on the Pier - International: title) )

1954 Shaytan al-Sahra (Le Démon du désert)

1954 Siraa Fil-Wadi (Soleil éclatant )

1953 Nissae bila regal (Femmes sans hommes )

1953 Sayedat al-Qitar (La Dame du train)

1952 Al Muharrij al-Kabir (Grand bouffon)

1951 Ibn el Nil (Le Fils du Nil)

1950 Baba Amin