Yohana Cobo



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Yohana Cobo

Date of birth: 12 January 1985

Place of birth: Madrid, Spain

Gifted with an abrasive look, young Yohana Cobo, who is from Madrid, has appeared in several television series, but her talent was really noticed in “La vida mancha” (Enrique Urbizu). It was confirmed with her leading role in “El séptimo día” (Carlos Saura) for which she was nominated as Most Promising Actress by the Film Writers’ Circle.


Filmography Cinema - TV


Arena en los bolsillos (2006) .

2006 Volver (To Return) of Pedro Almodóvar

El Comisario (TV Episode , 2005)

Fin de curso (2005)

Las Llaves de la independencia, (2005)

Seres queridos (2004)

El Séptimo día (2004)

La Vida mancha, (2003)

Código fuego (TV Episode, 2003)



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