Woody Allen


Woody Allen
Actor, director and screenwriter

Real name: Allen Stewart Konigsberg

Birth Date: ofcember 1, 1935

Place: New York

Father: Martin Konigsberg, goldsmith, taxi driver and waiter at the Sammy Bovery Follies of Manhattan.

Mother: Nettea Cherie, accountant

Sister: Letty, born in 1943.

Wife: Soon-Yi Previn (adopted along with Mia Farrow) Former wife: Louise Lasser from 1966 to 1969 (appears in several of his movies) Harlene Rosen from 1956 to 1962

Former couples: Mia Farrow Diane Keaton

Woody and Mia Farrow had three children, Moses Farrow, Dylan Farrow (adopted daughter), and Satchel Farrow (biological son).

Woody Allen began his career at the age of 15, he began writing in humorous newspapers and gossip columns and sending funny histories to the publishers.

1965 Allen worked as a stand up comedian, he was hired to write the screen of What's New Pussycat, produced by Charles Feldman.

1966 Woody Allen directed What's up Tiger Lily?, his first film.

Woody Allen loves Venice and donated funds for reconstruír the Venetian theater "Fenice", that was destroyed in a fire.

2001 Novembre: Woody Allen, used his talent in order to participate in a full advertising campaign of humor in favor of new York.  The commercials, destined to make laugh the citizens of  New York, always ended with the same phrase "Be part of the miracle of new York".

2002 April Woody Allen was in Cannes, to present his film: "Hollywood ending"that was shown in  in the opening ceremony of the film Festival.

2003 Woody Allen became the ambassador of France for the publicity of the country, speaking of the beauty of the "hexagon", the french fries, and the french kiss. With his video "Let's Fall in Love Again", Allen tried to put an end to the disagreements between frenchs and americans.

2004 Woody Allen participated in the event Photographs of the Stars, organized by Reporters Without Borders, an Association of defense of the liberty of press that gives financial support to the families of the 29 reporters that are in prison in Cuba .......

2005 The Santa Barbara International Film Festival will open Jan. 28 with a preview of Woody Allen's "Melinda and Melinda