Whoopi Goldberg Actress

Whoopi Goldberg
Real name: Caryn Elaine Johnson
Birth date: November 13, 1949
Place: New York
Former husband Lyle Trachtenberg of 1994 /1995
David Claessen 1986/1988
Alvin Martin 1973/1979
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Whoopi Goldberg debuted at the age of 8 in theater, in a spectacle in the Hudson Guild and in the Greek theater Rubinstein Theater.

She acted in small plays in broadway and worked in a funeral parlor applying makeup to the corpses, and as a bricklayer.

Whoopi left the school and became addicted to heroine.  She got married with her drug counselor and divorced short after.

1974 Whoopi moved to California and helped found the San Diego Repertory Company, where she used the name, Whoopi Cushion. Her daughter Alexandrea was born.

1983 She presented her spectacle "The Spook Show" in the Dance Theater Workshop of Manhattan and in Broadway.

1985 Steven Spielberg gave her a supporting role in one of his movies, The Color Purple, she received a nomination to the Academy Awards and a Goldne Globe.

1990 Whoopi was awarded with an Oscar for her supporting role in the movie Ghost

1999 She lend her voice to Ranger Margaret in The Razmoket. Whoopi Goldberg contributes her voice to many other cartoons, including The Page Master, and Captain Planet, as Gaia, the voice of the earth.

2002 March: Whoopy Goldberg presented for the fourth time the Academy Awards Ceremony.

2004 Whoopi Goldberg, who missed four shows over the weekend due to illness, is expected back at Broadway's Lyceum Theatre on December


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2010 Earthbound
2009 The Cleaner" (3 episodes)
2009 Stream (2009)
2008 A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa (TV)
2008 Life on Mars" (1 episode)
2008 Descendants
2008 Snow Buddies
2007 If I Had Known I Was a Genius
2006 Everybody Hates Chris" (2 episodes)
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2006 Homie Spumoni
2006 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (1 episode)
2006 So noTORIous" (1 episode)
2006 Doogal
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