Vanessa Paradis Actress

Vanessa Paradis
She was born - cember 22, 1972
Place: Saint-Maur dès Fossés
Her daughter: Lily Rose, born May 27, 1999
She is the face of Chanel since 1991
Her boyfriend: Johnny depp They met each other in 1998.

Vanessa Paradis - clared "I do not smoke a lot, I have discipline, I sleep a lot and I do jogging'

At the age of 7 Vanessa did her first public performance in T.V. show "L' école - s fans" of Jacques Martin

1987 She was on top of the Billboard thanks to her single Joe Le Taxi.

1992 Her single Be My Baby was a great success in France.

Her first film was a success for her, she received the Cesar Award and the Romy Schnei - r Award

During the next 5 years, she concentrated on her musical career, she rejected Pedro Almodovar and John Boorman who wanted to direct her on a film

1994 Vanessa Paradis acted on a film of Jean Becker.

2002  Birth of Jack her second son.

2004 Vanessa Paradis became the new ambassador of the - signer clothes line Cambon, a new  line of spring wear of Chanel.

June Vanessa Paradis participated in the operation Photographs of the Stars, organized by Reporters Without Bor - rs, an Association of - fense of the liberty of press that gives financial support to the families of the 29 reporters that are in prison in Cuba ...

September: Vanessa Paradis interpreted the role of "Concia" in Atomik Circus le retour of James Bataille of Didier Poiraud Thierry Poiraud with Benoît Poelvoor - , Jean-Pierre Marielle

2005 Benjamin Biolay has - nied writing songs for Vanessa's new album, which will be released in spring of next year (a big fan of Serge Gainsbourg, he wrote an entire album for his sister, a big fan of Vanessa Paradis).


2011 A Monster in Paris (Un monstre Paris)
2010 L'arnacoeur
2007 La clef
2006 Le soldat Rose (TV)
2005 The Magic Roundabout
2010 L'arnacoeur
2007 La clef
2006 Le soldat Rose
2005 Magic Roundabout (Sprung!)
2005 The Magic Roundabout
2005 The Gypsy's Curse - Philippe decoufl
2005 Mon ange - Serge Frydman
2004 Atomik Circus, le retour - James Bataille
2004 Billy et Colette - Serge Frydman
2002 Lost in la mancha - Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe
1999 La fille sur le pond - Patrice Leconte
1997 une chance sur deux - Patrice Leconte
1998 Le plaisir
1997 Un amour dr sorcire - Ren Manzor
1995 Elisa - Jean Becker
1989 Noce blanche - Jean-Clau - Brisseau