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Mini biography of Val Kilmer


Val Kilmer
Birth date: December 31, 1959
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California

Val Kilmer attended the Hollywood's Professional's School, and he also entered
Julliard's drama program.

1984 Val debuted in the movies in the film TOP SECRET!, he starred as rock idol Nick Rivers, he later acted in TOP GUN with Tom Cruise1996

1988 Val Kilmer's professional acting career began on stage, and he still
participates in theatre; he played Hamlet at the 1988 Colorado Shakespeare Festival. That same year, he met his wife, the british actress Joanne Whalley.

1991 Fourteen years before acting in the role of Philippe of Macedonia in the movie ALEXANDRE, Val Kilmer interpreted to Jim Morrison in the movie of THE DOORS directed by Oliver Stone.

1994, it was announced that Kilmer would be taking over the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne from Michael Keaton.

Val Kilmer has acted in very different movies as they are: TOMBSTONE, WILLOW, KILL ME AGAIN, BATMAN FOREVER, HIM SAINT, TRUE ROMANCE, POLLOCK, NETWORK PLANET, HEAT, and more recently in WONDERLAND.

2005 Val Kilmer interpreted the role of "Philippe" in the movie "Alexandre" of the director Oliver Stone

 Filmography Cinema

2005 10th & Wolf

of Robert Moresco

with James Marsden, Giovanni Ribisi

2005 Delgo

of Marc F. Adler
Jason Maurer

with Anne Bancroft, Val Kilmer

2005 Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang

of Shane Black

with Val Kilmer, Robert Downey Jr.

2005 Alexander

of Oliver Stone

with Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie

2004 Mindhunters

of Renny Harlin

with Eion Bailey, Clifton Collins

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