Tony Gatlif


Tony Gatlif
Actor and director

Birth date: September 10, 1948
Birth Place: Algeria
Origin: Gypsy

In the 60's, Tony Gatlif left Algeria and discovered the movies thanks to a teacher.

He later subscribed to the Jean Vigo Cine Club, where Tony Gatlif began to acquire his filmic culture.

Tony wrote TNP of an original piece of Edward Bond, with the help of Claude Régy.

Parallel to this spectacle, Tony Gatlif wrote his first screen play inspired in
his own experience in rehabilitation centers and delinquency in the street.

1975 Tony Gatlif directed his first feature film " La tête en vile"

1978 Tony Gatlif directed his second movie "La terre au ventre", a history lived by Tony in the times of the War in Algeria, with his mother and her four children.

1981 Tony Gatlif filmed "Le Gitan" a film about the life of gypsies, carried out in Spain, with true gypsies from Granada and Seville.

1983 With his fourth movie he became famous. "Le Prince" a film about gypsies established in the suburbs of Paris, was very well received by the critics.

His encounter with the filmmaker Gérard Lebovici, was very important for his career.

1992 One of his films was presented during the Cannes Film Festival, in the section "Un Certain Regard".

2004 EXILS is the most recent movie of Tony Gatlif. It was presented in the Festival de Cine Franco Mexicano, in Mexico City.