Tommy Lee Jones Biography

Tommy Lee Jones
Born: September 15, 1946, San Saba, Texas, United States

Filmography Tommy Lee Jones

2013 Malavita by Luc Besson
2013 Lincoln by Steven Spielberg
2012 Emperor by Peter Webber
2012 Hope Springs by David Frankel
2012 Men in Black 3 by Barry Sonnenfeld
2010 Islands in the Stream by Tommy Lee Jones
20111 Men in Black 3 de Barry Sonnenfeld
2010 The Company Men de John Wells
2009 In the electric mist de Bertrand Tavernier
2007 In the Valley of Elah de Paul Haggis
2007 No Country for Old Men de Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
2006 A Prairie Home Companion de Robert Altman
2005 The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
2003 Man of the House de Stephen Herek
2003 The Missing de Ron Howard
2003 The Hunted de William Friedkin
2002 Men in Black II de Barry Sonnenfeld
2000 Space Cowboys de Clint Eastwood
2000 Rules of Engagement by William Friedkin
1999 Double Jeopardy by Bruce Beresford
1998 U.S. Marshals de Stuart Baird
1997 Men in Black de Barry Sonnenfeld
1997 Volcano de Mick Jackson
1995 Batman Forever de Joel Schumacher
1994 Cobb by Ron Shelton
1994 Blue Sky by Tony Richardson
1994 Born Killers by Oliver Stone
1994 The Client by Joel Schumacher
1994 Blown Away by Stephen Hopkins
1993 The Fugitive by Andrew Davis
1993 House of Cards by Michael Lessac
1993 Heaven & Earth by Michael Lessac
1992 Under Siege by Oliver Stone
1991 JFK by Oliver Stone
1990 Fire Birds by David Green
1989 The Package by Andrew Davis
1988 Stormy Monday by Mike Figgis
1987 The Big Town by Ben Bolt
1986 Black Moon Rising by Harley Cokeliss
1984 The River Rat by Thomas Rickman
1983 Nate and Hayes by Ferdinand Fairfax
1981 Back Roads by Martin Ritt
1980 Coal Miner's Daughter by Peter Werner
1978 Eyes of Laura Mars by Irvin Kershner
1978 The Betsy by Daniel Petrie
1977 Rolling Thunder by John Flynn
1976 Jackson County Jail by Michael Miller
1975 Eliza's Horoscope by Gordon Sheppard
1973 Life Study by Michael Nebbia
1970 Love Story by Arthur Hiller