Tim Roth


Tim Roth

Actor and director

Full name: Timothy Simon Smith

Birth date: May 14, 1961

His wife; Nikki Butler

He had a son in 1983 with Lori Baker.

Tim Roth started his career in theatre and television

1984 Tim Roth debuted in The Hit of Stephen Frears with some supporting roles.

1990 Tim Roth moved to the United States

1995 His son Thimothy was born.

1996 Tim Roth's wife Nikki Butler gave birth to their second son, Cormac.

1999 Tim Roth directed his first movie "The War Zone", a controversial film about a loving father who still acted on his compulsion to have sex with his daughter.

2004 Tim Roth attended the Cannes Film Festival in France, where he was serving as the president of the Camera d'Or jury

2005 Premiere of the film "A Doll's house"