Sylvester Stallone Actor

Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Enzio Stallone Michael
Born: 6 July 1946, New York, USA
His mother: Jacqueline
Great grandmother Rosa Labovitch had emigrated to Washington, she was from Russia (which Ukraine belonged before the Revolution)
His wife Jennifer Flavin
Ex Brigitte Nielsen 1985-1987

Filmography Sylvester Stallone

2014 Grudge Match by Peter Segal
2013 The Tomb by Mikael Håfström
2013 Bullet to the Head
2012 The Expendables 2 by Sylvester Stallone
2012 Rambo V Last Stand by Sylvester Stallone
2011 Zookeeper by Frank Coraci
2010 The Expendables by Sylvester Stallone
2008 John Rambo by Sylvester Stallone
2006 Rocky Balboa by Sylvester Stallone
2004 Rampart Scandal by Sylvester Stallone
2003 Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over by Robert Rodriguez
2003 Shade by Damian Nieman
2003 Taxi 3 by Gérard Krawczyk 
2002 Avenging Angelo by Martyn Burke 
2002 Dolan's Cadillac by Stacy Title 
2002 Compte à rebours mortel (D-Tox )
2001 Eye see you by Jim Gillespie
2001 Avenging Angelo by Martin
2001 Driven by Renny Harlin
2000 La vérité blesse Get Carter by Stephen Kay
1998 Antz by Eric Darnell
1998  An Alan Smithee Film by Alan Smithee
1997 Copland An Alan Smithee Film
1996 Daylight
1995 Assassins by Richard Donner
1995 Judge Dredd by Danny Cannon
1994 The Specialist by Luis Llosa
1993 Cliffhanger, traqué au sommet by Renny Harlin
1993 Demolition Man by Marco Brambilla
1992 Arrête ou ma mère va tirer ! Roger Spottiswoode
1992 L'embrouille est dans le sac by John Landis
1990 Rocky V by John G. Avildsen
1989 Lock-Up by John Flynn
1988 Tango & Cash by Andreï Konchalovsky, Albert Magnoli
1988 Rambo III by Peter MacDonald
1989 Over The Top by Menahem Golan
1986 Cobra by George Pan Cosmatos
1990 Rocky IV by George Pan Cosmatos
1985 Rambo : First Blood Part II by George Pan Cosmatos
1984 Rhinestone by Bob Clark
1983 Staying Alive by Sylvester Stallone
1982 RAMBO by Ted Kotcheff
1982 Rocky III by Sylvester Stallone
1981 Escape to victory by John Huston
1981 Nighthawks by Bruce Malmuth, Gary Nelson
1979 Rocky II by Sylvester Stallone
1978 Paradise Alley by Sylvester Stallone
1977 F.I.S.T. by Norman Jewison
1976 Cannonball ! by Paul Bartel
1976 Rocky by John G. Avildsen
1974 The Prisoner of Second Avenue by Melvin Frank
1975 Capone by Steve Carver
1970 No Place to Hide (Schnitzer) Death Race by Robert Allen Schnitze
1975 Farewell my Lovely
1974 The Lords of Flatbush by Martin Davidson, Stephen Verona
1971 Bananas by Woody Allen
1970 The Italian Stallion