Rowan Atkinson

Mini biography of Rowan Atkinson


Rowan Atkinson

American Actor

Date of birth: December 24th, 1955

Place of birth: London

His wife: Sunetra Sastry

His children: Lis and Beneja

He has his own spectacle in the Hampstead theatre from London, at the same time he participates in the creation of the sitcom  "Not The Nine O'Clock News".

1981 Rowan Atkinson debuted in the big screen in the film The Secret Policeman's Other Ball , a very musical comedy.

1989 He creats his famous character Mr. Bean, along with Richard Curtis and Robin Driscoll. This series was a big success and allowed Rowan Atkinson to became an international comic icon.  Mr. Bean is shown in more than 80 countries.

2005 Marzo. Mr. Bean returns to the big screen, Rowan Atkinson is already preparing his film "Mr. Bean 2", a film that will be directed by Simon McBurney, a project that will be completed next winter

 Filmography Cinema

2006 Keeping Mum

de Niall Johnson

2003 Love Actually)

de Richard Curtis

2003 Johnny english

de Petter Howitt

2002 Scooby-Doo

2001 Rat Race

de Jerry Zucker

2000 Maybe Baby

1997 Bean (Smith)

1994 Four Weddings and a Funeral)

de Mike  Newell

1993 The Driven Man


1982 Dead On Time

de Lyndall Hobbs

1992 Hot Shots II

de Abrahams

1990 The Witches



1983 Never Say Never Again

de Irvin Kershner

1981 The Secret

Policeman's Other Ball

(Temple, Graef)

1979 Not the Nine

O'Clock News

1977  Monty Python

Meets Beyond the



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