Roman Polanski


Roman Polanski

Roman Liebling

He was born August 18, 1933

Place: Paris

Children: Morgane and Elvis.

His wife: Emmanuelle Seigner since 1989

Former wife: The actress Sharon Tate of 1968 /1969, who was murdered when she was pregnant

His parents returned to Poland when he was three years old, just before World War Two, later they were sent to concentration fields where his mother died.

Roman managed to escape from the ghetto and learned to survive wandering aroundthe field of Poland with the aid of several catholic families.

1950 He attended the School of Movies Lodz, where he carried out its first short film.

1974 Polanski escaped U.S. to avoid being sent to prison, accused of trying to rape a 13-year-old girl

Shortly before her murder, wife Sharon Tate gave Polanski a copy of Thomas Hardy's 1891 novel "Tess of the D'Uberbvilles", and he planned to film it with her. When he finally made the movie Tess (1979), he dedicated it to her.

2003 Polanski received his first best director Oscar for the movie The Pianist five months after the awards ceremony. Harrison Ford, his friend, flew out to France to present Polanski the award, since the director can't set foot on US soil for fear of being arrested on rape charges.

2005 Roman Polanski, the fugitive director, takes on Charles Dickens Oliver Twist.

The shooting took place at the Barrandov studios in Prague, Czech Republic.