Robert Mitchum


Robert Mitchum

Date of birth: 6 August 1917

Place of birth:  Connecticut, USA

Date of death: 1 July 1997

Place of death: California, USA

. (lung cancer and emphysema) 

His father: A railroad worker

His brothers: John and Julie Mitchum

His sons: James, Trini and Christopher Mitchum

His grandsons: Bentley Mitchum and Carrie Mitchum (actors)

His wife: Dorothy Mitchum

1931 Robert Mitchum was sentenced to a Georgia prison having being charged with vagrancy. He escaped.

1945 He served in the Army of the United States of America. He received the World War II Victory Medal

1945 Mitchum acted in the Story of G.I. Joe playing the role of Lieutenant Walker. He received a nomination as Best Supporting Actor.

1947 Together with Gary Gray, Robert Mitchum recorded the songs from the film “Rachel and the Stranger”

1949 He was sent to prison for marijuana usage.

1970 Robert Mitchum acted in the film “James Dean Live Fast Die Young”

1997 Mitchum died from a lung cancer on July.

1998 A CD with a compilation of his most famous songs was released: “Robert Mitchum Sings”