Robert De Niro Actor

Robert de Niro
Birth date: August 17, 1943
Place: New York
His sister: Drena - Niro, Actress
His father: Italian.

Robert de Niro studied at the Stella Adler Conservatory and the American Workshop

Former wives: Grace Hightower (Divorced, they have a son born March 18, 1998 ) Diahnne Abbott  1976/1998 (Divorced, they have a son named "Raphael ")

Robert de Niro owns restaurants in NY, Nobu and Layla.

1965 Robert de Niro debuted as an extra in the movies.

1970 He obtained a small role in the film "Bloody Breast " of Roger Corman

1974 Robert de Niro received an Oscar for his role in the second part of The Godfather

1976 He received the Palm d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival of Cannes for his role in "Taxi Driver" directed by Martin Scorsese

1978 Birth of his son Raphaël

1980 He gained 25 kilograms and went from 65 to 91 kilograms in order to play his role in the movie "Raging Bull "of Martin Scorsese

1986 Robert de Niro opened his own producing house, Tribeca Filming Center.

1993 He produced and directed the filme Bronx Tale

1995 Birth of his twins with his girlfriend Toukie Smith

1998 Robert de Niro was witness and suspect in a case of prostitution in Paris.

- Niro denied any participation in that fact and said that he would never to return to France.

2003 Robert de Niro, 60, was diagnosed prostate cancer.

November Robert de Niro invested in the construction of a hotel in the neighborhood of the World Trade Center, in lower Manhattan in New York.

2005 Academy Award® winner Robert de Niro stars as David Callaway, a troubled father and widower in the suspense-thriller HIDE AND SEEK.

2011 Robert de Niro , president of the jury The American actor, director and producer Robert De Niro will be President of the Jury of the 64th Festival de Cannes, taking place from May 11 th to 22 th 2011.

He came to the Festival de Cannes for eight films, two of which won a Palme d’or: Taxi Driver, in 1976, and ten years later, The Mission directed by Roland Joffe. De Niro’s own highly praised debut as a director, A Bronx Tale (1993), was dedicated to his father, a surrealist painter. In 2006, he directed a second feature film, The Good Shepherd. His latest blockbuster comedies, Analyze This (1999) and Meet the Parents (2000) spawned sequels: Little Fockers, released late December, is currently enjoying a successful run in France.


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