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Birth Name Paulina Rubio Dosamantes
Born: 17 June 1971 , Mexico City, Mexico

August 2013, Paulina Rubio, who is well known in Mexico as “The Golden Girl” for her long flowing blonde hair has dyed her hair red. Rubio’s new look is part of a new Koleston campaign for which the singer is an ambassador. Like Us on Facebook Rubio showed up at a press event in Mexico City to show her radical change of style, which was sponsored by Wella Koleston. “I love red! I feel happy and I really like it, it’s only been my second day with red hair, it’s a color that has a lot to do with my music, it’s definitely my color, ” Rubio said. “I wanted a radical change, I had never dyed my hair a different color and red always caught my attention. Red is a color that conveys strength, power, energy, joy, love, passion and that’s what I want to convey right now, ” the former blonde said. “I feel perfect. This morning the first thing I did was look in the mirror, but before my son said, ‘Red’ and he kissed me after that I knew I had passed the most improtant test.” The actress also said he has no plans to act in a telenovela at the moment, “my life is a soap opera, why would I do that?” she said jokingly while adding that she is already preparing her eleventh studio album. “The real changes I have been through have been on the inside, the red hair is only the icing on the cake. The change was rather from the inside out,” the singer said. Rubio, who is a judge on “The X Factor” alongside Demi Lovato and Kerry Rowland, said that she has managed to cultivate a friendship with the two and that the three girls are there to “placate Simon Cowell.” The singer took to her Twitter account later in the evening to share a picture of her brand new look. “It’s official I’m redhead! It’s official I’m a redhead! Yeah…Redhead,” Rubio tweeted.


2009 Atrévete a soñar (1 episode, 2009)
2004 Pau-Latina
2002 Border Girl
2001 Paulina
2000 Vive el Verano (TV)
1996 Pobre Niña Rica (TV) de Antulio Jiménez Pons
1996 Planeta Paulina
1995 Bésame en la Boca (film) de Ricardo Del Río
1994 24 Kilates
1993 La Chica Dorada
1992 Baila conmigo de Manolo García
1988 Pasion y Poder (TV) de Albino Corrales
1983 El Día del compadre de Carlos Vassallo

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