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Palo Alto Pictures

Palo Alto Pictures - Director: Gia Coppola Stars: Emma Roberts, James Franco, Nat Wolff

Gia Coppola’s auspicious filmmaking debut ‘Palo Alto’ is an elegant depiction of generational angst and despair which resonates with realism and restraint. Fueled by a vibrant cast of young talent, Coppola’s artistic collaboration with James Franco results in a thoughtful and subtly intertwined coming of age story,” said Tribeca Film Chief Creative .

Mr. Franco had been kicking around the idea of having his book “Palo Alto: Stories” adapted, preferably by a woman, since he felt that would give the largely male-centered stories a more layered approach. After meeting Ms. Coppola, he reviewed her photography and videos, liked them and, acting on a gut feeling, asked if she would adapt and direct the film.

“I realized she had the right sensibility for it,” Mr. Franco wrote in an email. “Sometimes I have great instincts for these things, and sometimes I don’t, but in this case I did.”

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Palo Alto Pictures

Palo Alto Pictures, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating