Paul Newman


Paul Newman

American Actor

Date of Birth: 26 January 1925

Place of Birth: Shaker Heights, Ohio, USA

His father: Owner of a sporting goods store.

1946 Paul Newman was discharged from the navy in 1946. She also studied at the Yale Drama School.

1953 Paul acted in the play "Picnic" in Broadway.

1958 He got married to Joanne Woodward, they have three children

1961 Paul Newman starred in the film The Hustler.

1963 He became famous thanks to his role in the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

1986 Paul Newman won an Oscar for the best actor after his excellent performance in the film The Color of Money.

1994 Paul Newman received a honorary Oscar in 1994 in recognition of his charity work.

2002 Paul Newman performed in theater again in the play "Our Town".