Oliver Stone

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Oliver Stone

American Filmmaker

Date of Birth: 15 September, 1946

Place of Birth:  New York, USA

Ex-wives: Elizabeth Stone and Najwa Sarkis

His girlfriend: Chong Son Chong

His children: Sean, Michael and Tara

His father: Lou, a stockbroker

His mother: Jacqueline, french.

Oliver Stone studied at Yale and then at the New York University where he was a Martin Scorsese’s pupil.

1967 He went to Vietnam and won the Bronze Star for Valor and the Purple Heart with First Oak Leaf Cluster.

1971 After the War, he studied at the New York University

1986 He directed his first important films, Salvador and Platoon. The film Platoon was almost a biography of his experiences in Vietnam and he received the Oscar to the best director.

1987 He presented the film “Wallstreet”, most think he was inspired by his father.

1989 He received his second Oscar, for the film Born the 4th of July.

1991 Great success of his film JFK, which was also very controversial

1995 He directed a second film about a political figure of America: Nixon

2002 Oliver Stone presented his film about Fidel Castro, who is also his very intimate friend

2004 Oliver Stone wrote a film about the Vietnam War "Spite House" and directed the film Alexandre, about the great soldier of Macedonia.