The 2008 Campari Calendar

The 2008 Campari Calendar is born
Starring: Eva Mendes
Photographed By: Marino Parisotto

Milan, November 6th 2007 Camparis story continues through the pages of the 2008 edition of the Campari Calendar: the style changes and becomes pure fantasy and fairy tales take life as never before. Campari Tales, the concept for the year 2008, is an adult, glamorous and glossy story book where Eva Mendes alluring sensuality is the absolute protagonist and her enchanting beauty is captured by Marino Parisottos lens.

Now in its 9th edition, the Campari Calendar seduces with its fantastical imagery immersed in unreal dreamscapes and rich in dramatic narrative power. The fairy tale becomes a metaphor that strikes the imagination and infuses it with beauty and modern relevancy.

The reconstruction of the myth and the search for hidden meanings has made the fairytale into a mirror of the evolution of humanity where women often play the leading roles and their fragility is transformed into strength, sometimes superhuman in its power.

In the Calendar, Eva Mendes intense Latin beauty and Camparis unique red passion become the stars of an adventure that enthrals the viewer and absorbs him or her in a magical world of happy endings.

Thirteen shots, a splendid cover and 12 fairytales, that live and flourish in the surreal atmospheres created by Marino Parisottos enchanted lens. Marinos unique vision and shooting techniques make him stand out in the international scene and he has been defined by Photo France as one of the top ten photographers in the world. Marino has succeeded in charging the beaches of the set in Rosignano (Leghorn, Italy) with a fresh and resonant energy that is the perfect interpretation of the violently stormy and blindingly sunny days that played out during the shoot.
Eva Mendes stars in the 12 fairytales with distinctive flair in every photograph; aggressively and breathtakingly beautiful in the Little Match Girl, statuesque as Little Red Riding Hood taming her wolf; imperious mistress of an adoring and enslaved Pinocchio, and modern Cinderella sharing a toast with her prince past midnight.

Eva has been the perfect choice, says Bob Kunze-Concewitz, Gruppo Campari CEO, she is an international star with great flair and has interpreted the Campari Tales with passion and sublime grace.

Eva Mendes, American born of Cuban descent, famous for her action movies from her debut role in Once Upon a Time in Mexico to HITCH, Ghost Rider and We Own The Night plays with Parisottos lens with intriguing and conniving glances, charging the Campari fairytales with audacious sensuality.


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Campari Calendrier 2008 avec Eva Mendes par Marino Parisotto (FR)

Marino Parisotto - Biosstars international - Copyright and Picture Credits 2007