Kate Del Castillo Breaks Up With Aaron Daz

Kate del Castillo Breaks up With Aaron Díaz

They seemed to have everything: beauty, fame and love, but apparently the latter was not enough for The Queen of the South, Kate del Castillo and Aaron Diaz had a marriage for life, yesterday they announced their separation through their accounts inTwitter.

Kate del Castillo wrote in his note: "Aaron has been the most beautiful thing I've ever had and will continue, so we decided to separate, to love forever. I plead not mess with speculation this separation, no blame, there is only growth, love and search ... I'll take your love and your family with me forever. "

Apparently the factor that caused the breakup of the couple was away, and Kate is a lot of work in the United States, where currently filming the movie K-11, while Aaron continues his career as a singer and actor in the city Mexico.

The protagonist of Teresa suggests that the distance was the main obstacle one way text released in the same social network.

"How hard it is to separate yourself from someone when there is lack of love. Even more difficult to accept that a failed relationship so nice for the success of two people with different ways.

"I want to thank first and foremost a woman who filled me with life lessons, laughter, love and happiness. A human being which will bring precious in my memories and my heart forever. Thanks Kate. "

Although Kate del Castillo and Aaron Diaz refused for months its possible disruption, the actor even said last Monday at the Berman Shanika program that all was well in their marriage and would not divorce. Annoyed, he told reporters over the weekend: "I come to work, not to gossip," the true fell of its own weight.

Last week, Erik del  Castillo (father of Kate), revealed between the lines, during an interview that something was wrong with them: "Suffering from the circumstances, one above the other here. Oh God, may God bless you. " But this episode Kate and I lived with the former player Luis Garcia, who married in 2001 and who separated a year later, although the story was different, because divorce was the reason for the violence.

They say goodbye

For some, that famous promise swear love forever is just a phrase that takes the wind. Dreams-year relationship and together they are forgotten after a few years of a "happy marriage"

The most recent case is the famous couple Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, who divorced after seven years of marriage. It was in 2004 when the singers were married, and declared his love for eternity. Today, the only thing that kept together will be their twins Max and Emme.

David Bisbal also Spanish, 32, confirmed the end of his relationship with the designer Elena Tablada. Similarly, Manuel Mijares Lucero and her marriage ended 14 years of marriage.

After seeing so much in love Shakira and Antonio de la Rua, in January ended its courtship of 11 years, describing it as "the most beautiful of our lives" and those who were "exceptional colleagues," they said to the press.