Niurka Marcos

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Mini biography of Niurka Marcos


Niurka Marcos
Cuban actress and dancer

Birth date: November 25, 1967
Place of birth: Havana, Cuba
Former couple: The producer Juan Osorio
Husband: Bobby Larios, Actor and singer.
Niurka Marcos has three children with three different men.
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 52-56 kg
Religion: Catholic
Niurka Marcos has participated in mexican soap operas such as Vivo por Elena,
Gotitas de Amor, Nunca te Olvidaré and Tres Mujeres.

She became famous in Mexico thanks to her appearance in the musical spectacle Aventurera.

She attended the National Circus School in Cuba before traveling to Mexico to become a dancer at a night club named the Tropicana. That's where she met Juan Osorio.

Niurka has received several awards such as the Palma de Oro, the Sol de Mexico award and several TV y Novelas magazine award.

2004 February, After her scandalous breakup with her former couple Juan Osorio, Niurka got married with Bobby Larios.

2005 Niurka and Bobby Larios released their nude calendar together.

 Filmography Cinema

2001 "Salomé"

TV Series

1999 Tres mujeres"

TV Series

de Raúl Araiza

1999 "Nunca te olvidaré"

TV Series

(El "Amor eres esperanza, nunca te olvidaré)

de Sergio Jiménez


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