Michael Badalucco Biography And Filmography Of The Actor

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Michael Badalucco

Michael Badalucco
Actor, producer
Born: December 20, 1954 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States.

Filmography Michael Badalucco Actor

Dynamite: A Cautionary Tale by Tate Steinsiek .(2014)
Zarra’s Law by Juha Wuolijoki . (2014)
Fading gigolo by John Turturro .(2014)
Finding Hope Now by Jennifer Tadlock .(2011)
The Confession by Brad Mirman .(2011)
The Resident by Antti Jokinen . (2011)
In My Sleep by Allen Wolf . (2010)
The Deported by Lance Kawas . (2009)
Nowhere to Hide by John Murlowski . (2009)
Joulutarina by Juha Wuolijoki . 2007)
Bewitched by Nora Ephron .
2BPerfectlyHonestby .  (2004)
13 Moons by Alexandre Rockwell . (2002)
The Man Who Wasn’t There by .(2001)
O Brother! by Joel Coen, Ethan Coen .(2000)
Summer of Sam by Spike Lee .(1999)
You’ve Got Mail by Nora Ephron .(1998)
Lesser Prophets by William DeVizia .(1997)
The Deli by John A. Gallagher .(1997)
Commandments by Daniel Taplitz. (1997)
Love Walked In by Juan José Campanella .(1997)
One Fine Day by Michael Hoffman .1996)
Basquiat by Julian Schnabel .(1996)
Two If by Sea by Bill Bennett .(1996)
Blue in the Face by Paul Auster, Wayne Wang .(1995)
Mixed Nuts by Nora Ephron .(1995)
The Search for One-eye Jimmy by Sam Henry Kass .(1994)
Léon by Luc Besson .(1994)
Men Lie by John A. Gallagher. (1994)
The Saint of Fort Washington by Tim Hunter . (1993)
Sleepless in Seattle by Nora Ephron . (1993)
Night and the City by Irwin Winkler . (1992)
Mac by John Turturro . (1992)
Juice by Ernest R. Dickerson . (1992)
Jungle Fever by Spike Lee . (1991)
Switch by Blake Edwards . (1991)
The Hard Way by John Badham . (1991)
Men of Respect by William Reilly .(1990)
Miller’s Crossing By Joel CoenEthan Coen .  (1990)
Desperately Seeking Susan by Susan Seidelman .  (1985)
Broadway Danny Rose by Woody Allen . (1984)
Raging Bul by Martin Scorsese . (1980)

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